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Car Key Programming

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We carry out all car key programming services, were able to program and cut any key on the roadside despite if it's a newer vehicle or an older vehicle. If you have a vehicle on the road with only one key we strongly recommend you have another key programmed to your car. It would save you a lot of money if your main key was lost, stolen or damaged.

Programming car keys can be a very complex process, every car now has a transponder. A transponder is like an electronic key if the car and the key don't receive the transponder signal then the car would not be able to start the engine. Car key programming is all about the sync process between the key and the vehicle we would program that signal between both units to make sure that the key works without any problems.

We operate a mobile service which means we will come to you and get the work required carried out on site. We provide our car key services for most vehicles on the market today including the most popular makes Ford, Renault, Volkswagen, Audi etc.

Call us today to get a duplicate key for your vehicle for a truly amazing service. We provide a massive list of services in the auto diagnostics world, including diagnostics work, ECU remapping, ECU coding, immobiliser issues, mileage correction and many more. Transponder keys became standard issue from car manufacturers in around 1998 in a bid to prevent car theft. If the correct key is not used the immobiliser does not allow the engine to turn over. The word 'transponder' is a blend of transmit and respond and that is how they work; a signal is transmitted and requires the correct response. Transponder keys have a small chip embedded in the thick plastic part of the key which gives a certain response to an electro-magnetic signal issued by the vehicle's ignition.

If an existing key has become faulty it can be repaired by being reprogrammed, whereas if a key has been misplaced or broken, a key 'blank' can be programmed with the correct response to the vehicle. AAuto Locksmith can replace or repair many different manufacturers transponder keys. Sometimes the key will need to be reprogrammed due to the vehicles inboard systems being updated or upgraded. Even the simple changing of a battery can potentially 'lose' the connection between transponder key and car. Our experts will have you back on the road as swiftly as possible, replacing or reprogramming your key efficiently. Transponder keys can sometimes be reprogrammed by following the instructions in an owner's manual, but the process to follow is fairly precise, requiring careful timing and various switches and buttons to be initiated; it is often advisable to let specialists like our experts at AAuto Locksmith take care of the process.

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